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Design is always a thing by considering it in its larger context, a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in the environment, the environment in the project of a city. 

[Eliel Saarinen]

Suppose to be the center of its quality.
The quality of the project now lives within a complex of uncertainties derived from specialization processes in place, development of new skills, and reconfiguration of production systems, construction and regulatory requirements.
On the other hand, the actual construction of architecture, design research involves integrated, and therefore also of Engineering, which increasingly tend to deal with the quota, with the real potential of the place in which it is inserted and basically with the actual cantierabilità and durability of the work: its construction.
To achieve this goal the project will come to an in-depth scale based definition for a correct method, the study was a phase of the first design, dimensions, technical possibilities and formal values ​​of particular elements and characterize the overall project.
The aim is therefore nostroi the strictest definition of the project, whether architectural or structural information executive for this purpose must be necessary, clear and sufficient to initiate the production of a building project without uncertainties, variations and additional costs for the customer.
A team of professionals is at your disposal to fully follow your projects.